Windshield Cracks Repair

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Windshield Cracks Repair

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1. Be sure to complete all fields on the form. Each field is essential to confirm that your appointment corresponds exactly with your reservation on the day of your visit.


2. After scheduling your appointment, you will have the option to set a reminder on your calendar. Please note that we do not send reminder notifications; it is your responsibility to remember and keep your booked appointment.


3. On the day of your appointment, simply bring your vehicle to our facility, and our dedicated team will take care of the rest.


4. Please note that appointments carry a $10 non-refundable service fee. This fee is necessary to guarantee your appointment and secure your slot. The best part is that the $15 fee will be deducted from the total cost of the service you choose when you visit our facility.


Thank you for considering our services, and we look forward to serving you soon! For more information, see our FAQ.

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